Career Opportunities


Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment with Franklin Family Services.  Please note that we may have additional positions currently available but not listed or some positions listed below may not be currently available.  We invite you to contact us to verify current openings before applying.

Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS)

Works directly with the client and client’s family in both school and home to facilitate treatment. The TSS position is a field position providing intensive one-on-one emotional and behavioral interventions to children/adolescents in need of Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Services, otherwise known as “wraparound” services.  These field services may be provided in a variety of settings including, but not limited to school, church, neighborhood, activity center and kinship or extended family home.  The main goals of the TSS are to follow the treatment plan, help the child/adolescent eliminate inappropriate behavior(s), provide emotional support to the client and assist those responsible for the child/adolescent in fostering greater independence and socially responsible behavior. This is a hourly  position providing one-to-one behavioral health  interventions to a child or adolescent with a serious emotional disturbance or Autism Related Disorder, in support of the child’s family or responsible adults, in order to prevent more restrictive services or out-of-home placement.  Services may be provided to integrate or reintegrate the child into normalizing settings and activities to promote age appropriate psycho-social growth.


To be considered for this position, you must meet at least one of the requirements below.

    • Bachelor’s degree in psychology or human-services-related field
    • Bachelor’s degree in any field with at least one year paid experience in a job working directly with children and adolescents
    • Associate’s degree or a minimum of 60 credits towards a Bachelor’s degree, with at least three years paid experience working directly with children and adolescents
    • Ability to obtain PA Child Line clearance form can be found here PA Child Line and Finger print clearances which can be found here  Cogent Finger Printing  and the Pennsylvania State Police background check which can be found here State Police Background check and Pennsylvania Act 168 which can be found at the link.

Additional Experience or skills:

  • Ability to provide specific interventions to assist the child in developing age-appropriate daily living skills with his or her peer group, family and other social groups or settings.
  • Ability to provide assistance to the parent or other responsible adult in providing therapeutic structure and limits for the child.
  • Ability to provide assistance in implementing a behavioral intervention plan for the child
  • Ability to provide assistance in implementing alternative activities to redirect challenging behaviors
  • Ability to provide assistance in providing individualized, supervised recreational and cultural opportunities
  • Excellent communication skills including both written and oral.
  • Ability to maintain confidential information
  • Human services experience helpful
  • Ability to maintain accurate documentation and submit documentation within required timelines.

Family-Based Mental Health Worker

The MHW will work in conjunction with a co-therapist to assist families who are at high risk for their child, diagnosed with a mental health disorder or emotional disturbance, to be paced outside of the home.  Treatment will focus on stabilizing the family so that the parent(s)/guardian can care for the child at home.  This assistance will be provided through therapeutic intervention such as family therapy for the entire family or sub-systems and individual counseling to the identified patient and other children in the family.  Family support services, case management,  service coordination, and emergency crisis intervention will also be provided by the MHW.  Delivery of these services may take place in the home, school, and/or community.


  • A bachelors degree, plus 1 year of experience in the CASSP system program
  • Possess 12 college level semester hours in humanities or social services, plus 1 year experience in a CASSP program, and enrolled for certification by OMH as a mental health family based worker.
  • Ability to obtain PA Child Line clearance form can be found here PA Child Line and Finger print clearances which can be found here  Cogent Finger Printing  and the Pennsylvania State Police background check which can be found here State Police Background check

Additional Experience or Skills

  • Operate as a team with co-therapist
  • Complete a comprehensive assessment of the consumer within 30 days of authorization start date. This measurement will include, but is not limited to, a bio psychosocial assessment, CANS, FAF, D&A assessment, Ecomap, Critical Life Events timeline, and family genogram.
  • Attend all treatment team meetings, conduct monthly treatment plan reviews, and complete bi-monthly case consultations.
  • Provide linkage and coordination with involved social service agencies or potentially involved agencies/resources.
  • Provide the necessary individual and family therapy, as specified in the treatment plan, at a minimum of two face-to-face contact hours/week.
  • Assist families with accessing resources that they may need to meet their basic needs or to meet treatment plan goals
  • Provide emergency crisis intervention services to families
  • Participate in an “on-call” cell phone system as necessary to enable 24/7 crisis intervention services to consumer families
  • Familiarize oneself with all families covered under the on-call system
  • Provide other services as dictated by the treatment plan.
  • Complete written documentation of progress notes, assessments, and obtainment of signatures for encounter logs.
  • Maintain accurate records of time sheets, mileage logs, consumer client encounters, travel expenses, and family support funds.
  • Develop and maintain a positive and cooperative working relationship with the consumer family, team partner, and local social system network.
  • Attend weekly team/individual and group supervisions
  • Participate in FBMHS training through Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center
  • Ability to drive personal vehicle
  • Maintain 60/40 split of team delivered/individually delivered services
  • perform other duties as assigned